Code of Conduct

The following Code of Conduct was created by IFAC and has been adopted for CAMS 2024.

IFAC recognizes its role as a worldwide federation for promoting automatic control for the benefit of humankind. In agreement with and in implementation of the approved IFAC – Mission and Vision, this document summarizes the commitment and obligation of IFAC to maintain ethical and professional standards in its academic and industrial
activities. All activities within IFAC as well as volunteers acting on behalf of or for IFAC are to act in accordance with this Code of Conduct.

1) Honesty and Integrity. Activities conducted by IFAC shall always be fair, honest, transparent, and in accordance with the IFAC – Mission and Vision. That is, their main goal is to contribute to the promotion of the science and technology of control in the broadest sense. IFAC disapproves any actions which are in conflict with existing laws, are motivated by criminal intentions, or include scientifically dishonest practices such as plagiarism, infringement or falsification of results. IFAC will not only not retaliate against any person who reports violations of this principle, but rather encourage such reporting.

2) Excellence and Relevance. IFAC recognizes its responsibility to promote the science and technology of automatic control through technical meetings, publications and other means consistent with the goals and values defined in the IFAC – Mission and Vision. Further, IFAC has the responsibility to be a trusted source of publication material on automatic control renowned for its technical excellence. IFAC acknowledges its professional obligation towards employees, volunteers, cooperating or member organizations and companies, and further partners.

3) Sustainability. A major challenge in future automatic control is the development of modern techniques which reduce the ecological damage caused by technology to a minimum. IFAC acknowledges this fact and contributes to a solution by promoting the importance of automatic control and its impact on the society, and by advancing the knowledge in automatic control and its applications. IFAC disapproves any actions which are in conflict with the above philosophy, in particular those which have a negative impact on the environment.

4) Diversity and Inclusivity. IFAC is a diverse, global organization with the goal to create a fruitful environment for people from different cultures dealing with automatic control in theory and practical applications. People shall be treated fairly, respectfully, and their human rights shall be protected. IFAC is committed to the highest principles of equality, diversity and inclusion without boundaries. IFAC disapproves of any harassment, bullying or discrimination.

5) Compliance of Laws. The purpose of any action conducted by IFAC is to further the goals defined in IFAC’s constitution and consequences thereof. Activities on behalf of IFAC cannot be in conflict with ethical principles or laws existing in countries where IFAC operates. This includes but is not limited to any form of bribery, corruption or fraud. IFAC disapproves unethical or illegal business practices which restrain competition such as price fixing or other kinds of market manipulation. Conflicts of interest are to be prevented if possible and revealed immediately whenever they occur. IFAC assures the protection of confidential information belonging to its member organizations and further partners.

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